UIL Region Marching Contest

UIL Region Marching Contest



UIL Schedule

10:00 am              Begin Guard Rehearsal

11:30 am              End Guard Rehearsal

12:00 pm              Begin Full Rehearsal - All

1:00 pm                End Full Rehearsal/Eat on your own/Change

2:00 pm                Arcs

2:15 pm                Load Buses

2:30 pm                Depart WC

3:00 pm                Arrive at Heroes Stadium

4:00 pm                Warm Up

4:30 pm                End Warm Up

4:45 pm                Performance Time

5:00 pm                Wrap Up

5:30 pm                Load Up

5:45 pm                Depart

6:15 pm                Arrive to WC/Dismiss



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Trunk or Treat (7:00 PM)
7:00pm 7:00pm

Trunk or Treat (7:00 PM)

Parents set up in the amphitheater and decorate a spot, table, box, etc. When practice is over, the kids "Trick-or-Treat" around the amphitheater, from spot to spot. 

All Band and Colorguard students and parents are welcome to participate.

Parents who cannot attend can help by donating candy.

Come out and watch our kids run through at the end of practice and then help us celebrate our kids and show our appreciation for their hard work! 

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WC vs Johnson (7:30-9:30 PM)
7:30pm 7:30pm

WC vs Johnson (7:30-9:30 PM)

For appropriate coverage, we currently have 3 open spots for this game.  Please email wcChappies@gmail.com.

Chaperone Information:  If you would like to chaperone, please remember that you need to fulfill the 3 requirements.

  1. Be a BPA member
  2. Take the required training.
  3. Sign and submit the form stating you understand the agreement.

Here is the list of Chaperons for the CT Johnson game; Bus assignments will be done Game Day.

  1. Amy Munos
  2. Karen Shute
  3. Sharon Soave
  4. Kristi Stults
  5. Christina Guillet
  6. Aloise Miller
  7. Beva Nunn
  8. Mary Helen Santillan
  9. Cheryl Koval
  10. Norma Kass
  11. Karissa Smith
  12. Michelle Rodriguez
  13. Mary Velasquez
  14. Kristie Lane
  15. Martin Mendoza
  16. Rebecca Mendoza
  17. Melissa Jenschke
  18. Christina Davis
  19. Corky Porter
  20. Cynthia Potter
  21.  Heather Jensen
  22. April Gastinger
  23. Iris Gutierrez
  24. Teresa Alvarez
  25. Angela Gifford
  26. Shari Killebrew
  27. Karl Killebrew
  28. Cindy Dominguez
  29. Carlos Dominguez
  30. Melissa Linares
  31. Jorge Linares
  32. Rachel Silva
  33. Mike Silva
  34. Stacey Schwartz
  35. ...
  36. ...
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