Student Fundraising Opportunities


December 30, 2017 - January 7, 2018

For the past several years, Churchill BPA has assisted the students who participate in the U.S. Army All-American Bowl Marching Band. By signing up for one of the jobs below, you can earn $15 per hour for your child’s account. You can sign up for multiple shifts.

Remember you must be a member of the BPA to sign up.

All of the activities will take place at the Grand Hyatt downtown. Parking Passes will be provided, you will need to park in the Marina parking garage across the street.

Breakfast Check in: marching band members will check in with you in the lobby, volunteer will use roster to ensure all kids are accounted for.

Bed check: marching band members occupy 3 floors of the hotel. Check list will be given what rooms and what band members are in each room. You knock on the door and make sure kids are in their rooms.

Post Game Chaperoning – after a long week, the kids are allowed to walk around downtown (most of the kids are not from San Antonio) and not all kids participate. Parent will chaperone kids and ensure they return to the hotel by time of bed check.

Last day - Supervise wake up and departure for airport – will need to make sure all kids are up and on the shuttle to get to the airport in time for their flights home (a roster will be provided).

Click here to sign up!

Mattress Sale


HEB Gift-Cards

Earn 4% back to the student using HEB Gift-cards. Click here to download the HEB gift-card order form.

Yearbook Advertisements

A full-page ad is $200, half-page $100.00, quarter page $75, and Business card size $50. Earn 80% back to the student! Click here for the Student Ad Sales Form.

Adopt a charger

Support the whole-cost or partial cost of a student's band assessment fees.

Washtub coupons

BAND Trailer advertising